Tips to Safe Your Family and Home During Warm Weather

Important to maintain the family and the house remained safe in the warm weather. The turn of the rainy season into the summer, triggering the onset of disease.

The tips to keep the house and family safe during warm weather include:
• Make certain before leaving the house that the doors and windows are closed and locked, even if it is just to run a quick errand. Arm the home alarm system, since this is the only way it can protect the house form burglars.

• Arm the home alarm system when the family is at home, this can keep the burglar that thinks they can sneak in without being detected by family members or that is brave and doesn’t care if family members catch him.

• Bushes near the house should be kept trimmed, because this gives the burglar hiding places and bushes grow quickly during warm weather.

• The children and even the adults should have the home security keychain pad that allows arming and disarming of the home alarm from outside of the house and no need to run to the wall pad. This makes it simple to keep the home security system protecting the house even for the youngest members of the family, without risking false alarms.

• Use outdoor lighting; this will make it possible for anyone attempting to get close to the house to be seen easily. That turns burglars off and it also makes it easier and safer for family members that are coming home after dark to get into the house.

• This is also the time of year when the battery backup in the home alarm system should be checked, the locks on doors and windows should also be checked to make certain they are in correct working order. If any of the locks are not secure then they should be replaced, since this can make the difference between a burglar getting in or not.

• Arm the system when the family is outside, many families have pools or outdoor patios where they spend hours without going into the house. If doors and windows are open and the alarm system is not armed it can make it easy for the burglar to get in and out of the house with what they want to steal without the family ever knowing.

• Make certain that the home security system is setup to use a cell phone if the home phone is not in working order to contact the monitoring center. This can work great for two reasons, during the summer house phones can go out of service during thunder and lightning storms and the smart burglar can also cut the telephone lines.