Tips and Advice for Security Home

Home security is a thing that should be noted. Especially if the home is often left to business activities. Family safety related to the level of home security. In this article we will discuss tips and advice to keep home security.

One of the best ways for homeowners to improve home security is to put themselves in the shoes of a prospective thief. Homeowners should look over their property and devise a plan to burglarize themselves. Thieves will almost always take the path of least resistance, meaning that when homeowners look for easy openings, they will likely be looking in the same places that thieves would look.

Homeowners must pay special attention to windows and doors, these are the ways into and out of a house, and as many entries as possible should be well lit and clear of trees, shrubs, or other obstructions that allow would-be burglars to watch a house while hidden from view. Security should be taken into consideration when planning the landscaping of a home, and window and doors that are close to trees, bushes, or shrubs should include ground lighting or motion detectors.

Post-it notes on doors, mail piled on a stoop, or overflowing mailboxes are all signs to burglars that a home is ripe to be robbed. If homeowners need to leave notes for friends or families, they should be left inside of the house. When away for a period of time, even if only a couple of days, homeowners must have neighbors collect and store the newspaper and mail. When away, lighting timers are also a good idea, as they create the impression that people are coming in and out of the house.

Dogs are a great deterrent to burglars. Homeowners that have one should make an effort to leave signs of the dog’s presence. Signs on fences, water dishes outside of the house, and leashes and collars on the door step are all ways to signal the presence of the family dog. For homeowner’s that do not own a dog, planting a dog’s water dish, chain, or leash outside of the house is an easy and inexpensive way to make it look as though there is a dog at the house.

Even during the warm summer months, windows should never be left open when family members are not at home. Even windows on upper level floors should be closed, as burglars can easily pose as home or roof repair persons and enter a home using nothing more than a ladder. When away from the home, all windows must be closed and locked.

Homeowners should always keep their garage doors closed, whether at home or not. If the garage has windows, homeowners should consider frosting or covering the windows so that would-be burglars cannot look inside a window to determine if anyone is home or not. It is imperative that homeowners remember to lock their garage doors if the garage door does not automatically do so.